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On Wed, Jun 19, 2019 at 8:24 PM Rinaldo Arden <> wrote:
The problem is not that it cannot be done (everything can be done with a C compiler and a text editor), but that this is the year 2019, and we are still talking about this matter. GWT never provided an underlying up-to-date transport mechanism (there was RPC earlier of course); I recall having to hack up something to get websockets working, some time ago. OK it worked but it was no proper library. Another chap has pointed me kindly to a JSNI wrapper for socketio, which is itself some years old. And some years after JSInterop has been released there still appears to be no up-to-date library for socketio; which confirms my original suspicion that there is no interest in GWT for real-time applications, or really even in underlying network transport. Which cannot be said of Angular, or React, or of other frameworks. What exactly is GWT 3 is going to be all about?

We have been doing "real time applications" in GWT since ~2011 and we have historically used our own libraries that with a combination of long polling, eventsource and websocket tech. However browsers have got good enough these days that we have stripped most of it away and are just sending json packets and json-like packets on websockets. And you can use elemental2 for that - see for latest elemental2.

GWT may not have have bindings for some library but most of those libraries no longer offer the value they once did. I do miss having decent serialization library ... but you can't have everything ;)

Peter Donald

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