Monday, February 25, 2019

Re: Tips on libraries

Before I'll start, I would like to say, that I am a contributor of mvp4g and the owner of mvp4g2 and Nalu. All these libs could be a replacement for GWTP.

As Thomas already mentioned, I would avoid using libs based on GWT generators. So mvp4g will be no choice today. Mvp4g2 and Nalu both use anotation processors. Mvp4g2 has been successfully tested with J2CL and Nalu will also work with J2Cl cause it has no dependency to GWT. If you have already build something on mvp4g, I think mvp4g2 should be your chioce. Otherwise I would give Nalu a try. Mvp4g2 and Nalu do not provide any widgets nor somnething for the communication with the server. 

To cummincate with the server I prefer using REST.

In the past I like GXT very much. Currently, I am unsure about the future of GXT. My current choice would be Domino-UI, in case I am looking for a widget lib. Domino-UI is also ready to go with J2CL and the support of the Domino-UI team is awesome.

You will ifnd more inforamtions about mvp4g2 here:, about Nalu here: and Domino-UI here:

May be also intresting: vue-gwt ( 

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