Thursday, February 21, 2019

Annotation processing in Eclipse

It's a slightly off-topic question but possibly an issue familiar to GWT developers.

I'm using Dagger2 and AutoFactory and am quite happy with both. Eclipse, however, does not play nicely with them. After saving any change, I will usually end up with a broken build because Dagger doesn't generate the _Factory classes for the AutoFactory Factory classes. It's acting like the Dagger annotation processor goes first, then AutoFactory's. IOW, when the Dagger processor runs the AutoFactory Factory sources are absent and so Dagger can't generate its code that uses them. IIRC, if any annotation processor generates source files the cycle should be repeated until no new sources are generated. It seems like Eclipse isn't doing that.

I can resolve this by running 'Maven -> Update Project...' so Eclipse's m2e is able to get it right so it seems the incremental build functionality is where the issue lies.

I've tried all three m2e annotation processing settings (auto, experimental, off) with no observable difference in behavior.

My pom does not explicitly declare annotation processor configuration and relies only on auto-discovery.

Are there any Eclipse users out there who are using multiple annotation processors?

Is there a solution to this problem?

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