Friday, February 22, 2019

Has anybody found a reasonable way to convert *.ui.xml files to web components.

We have many angular developers on the team and they would like to begin to migrate a legacy GWT application (2.7.x) to an NG based application.  RPC has already been replaced using resty-gwt; so now the objective is to begin migrating the client from GWT to Angular.   

Has anyone found an tools to help convert UIBinder widgets/screens into web-components.  

We started by look for gwt compiler options to generate separate html, js, and html files for each *.ui.xml; but there are no such options.    We did find options to generated the bundle sources via -gen/etc.; however these are obviously precompile output used to generate the final js file used to implement the client.  

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!  

Thank you.

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