Tuesday, February 12, 2019

[ANNOUNCE] (Unofficial) JsInterop-Generator 1.0.0-b1-013d8fa packages published to Maven Central

The jsinterop generator is a java program that takes closure extern files as input and generates
Java classes annotated with JsInterop annotations.

The official JsInterop-Generator project is available via

The JsInterop-Generator project does not yet provide regular releases
as it is primarily used to build Elemental2. This makes it difficult
to adopt the JsInterop-Generator in more traditional build systems.

Until regular JsInterop-Generator releases start occurring, I have
decided to periodically publish versions of the JsInterop-Generator
artifact to maven central. To avoid conflicts with the official releases
the groupId of the artifacts are prefixed with "org.realityforge." and
the artifacts use different versions.

This is completely unofficial so please don't bug the original
JsInterop-Generator authors. A new version will be released when I need
it or when I am explicitly asked.

The Maven dependency published to Maven Central can be added to your
pom.xml via


More importantly there is an executable jar artifact with all the dependencies
merged into the artifact that can be downloaded and run immediately.


  $ java -jar closure-generator-1.0.0-b1-013d8fa-all.jar \
  >    --extension_type_prefix React \
  >    --output react.jar \
  >    --package_prefix react \
  >    --global_scope_class_name ReactGlobal \
  >    --output_dependency_file react.jdeps \
  >    react.js 

Hope this helps,

Peter Donald

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