Monday, February 4, 2019

DOMjnate: an Alternative to Elemental 2

I started working on an alternative to the Elemental 2 APIs called DOMjnate. Like Elemental 2, DOMjnate gives you a typed interface for accessing the JavaScript DOM APIs. The main difference, though, is that you can use it in Java without using GWT or J2CL. You can make a JavaFX app with a webview and use the DOMjnate APIs to control the webview. Compile and debug your HTML5 program straight from your Java IDE without needing to compile to JavaScript first! You can, of course, still compile your code to JavaScript with GWT if you want since DOMjnate uses JsInterop.

The code is here:

It's generated from the Typescript APIs, so it's reasonably complete. I've only used it for small toy programs so far, so there is probably lots of potential for improvement. But I did port Elemental 1 to work with the JavaFX webview in the past, so I'm fairly comfortable with how the plumbing should work.

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