Tuesday, February 12, 2019

[ANNOUNCE] (Unofficial) Elemental2 1.0.0-b16-6897368 packages published to Maven Central

Elemental2 provides type checked access to browser APIs for Java
code. This is done by using closure extern files and generating
JsTypes, which are part of the new JsInterop specification that
is both implemented in GWT and J2CL.

The official Elemental2 project is available via

The Elemental2 project does not yet provide regular releases but
is evolving as the underlying Closure compiler externs evolve and
this can make it difficult to adopt Elemental2 in more traditional
build systems.

Until regular Elemental2 releases start occurring, I have decided
to periodically publish versions of Elemental2 artifacts to maven
central. To avoid conflicts with the official releases the groupId
of the artifacts are prefixed with "org.realityforge." and artifacts
use different versions.

This is completely unofficial so please don't bug the original
Elemental2 authors. A new version will be released when I need a
feature present in newer externs or when I am explicitly asked.

The Maven dependencies published can be added to your pom.xml via


where artifact-id is one of

* elemental2-core
* elemental2-dom
* elemental2-promise
* elemental2-indexeddb
* elemental2-svg
* elemental2-webgl
* elemental2-media
* elemental2-webstorage

API Changes relative to version 1.0.0-b15-7a28038

Hope this helps,

Peter Donald

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