Thursday, December 29, 2016

View raw image data and string question


- String question:

I'm newbie and i'm little surprise aboud String (java) and hashcode .....
If I understand right, on each create string, created a hashcode ?  (true ?)( but I need this only for equal-method ?) 
mostly I don't need hashcode ! 
In web using very often String, for Images and Text and and ....why don't use char[] or byte[] ? 
If I transfer 100kb String Image .... I think this create hashcode, take a much performance ? (or not ?)

What is on the client side, (I don't known javascript ) GWT  translated to similar objects with hashcode ?

what is the best way ? ( today )

for keywords or links I'm very happy ! 

- View Raw Image question:

I have my Images (jpg) in database in raw format and transfer this over websocket (binary) How I can performant show It ?
I see already solution with convert to Base64 ...and decompress it (jpg)  but this is not direct way ? ( take much unnecessary performance....)

what is the best way ? ( today with html5)

for keywords or links I'm very happy ! 

BR Marian

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