Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Force Client Bundle to refresh without any modification on the file


I'm currently working on a GWT 2.8/Vue.JS integration.

To make it easy to use I had the idea of automatically finding the Components views, a little like ui.xml in GWT user.

So my idea is this:
I created my own AbstractResourceGenerator called VueTemplateStoreGenerator. It generates a VueTemplateStore implementation.

This VueTemplateStore has a method:
String getTemplate(String componentQualifiedName);

The VueTemplateStoreGenerator browse the whole classpath and find .vue files. It then generate a switch in this method body.

I then have in the library a TemplateResources ResourceBundle. It has a method:
VueTemplateStore getStore();

My VueComponents can then use this store to find their template based on their class name, pretty neat :).

My only issue is that if the TemplateResources is not modified, then GWT doesn't call my VueTemplateStoreGenerator. As this could be shipped as an external library, adding a "touch" to the IDE each time a vue file is added doesn't seem like a good idea.

Is there a solution to tell GWT that my ClientBundle needs to be refreshed at every compilation?

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