Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Re: Force Client Bundle to refresh without any modification on the file

About GWT generators not being supported anymore, does this include the ClientBundle? The generators I overridden (AbstractResourceGenerator) is heavily used in ClientBundle (like for TextResource etc..), and I didn't think they were going to remove that.

All stuff that is based on GWT generators needs to be rewritten. Some stuff is easy (e.g. GWT Places, see ), other stuff requires modifications. I guess ClientBundle belongs to this category because it likely requires a new annotation on the interface that extends ClientBundle to make it visible to some APT generator. But the general way ClientBundle works probably stays the same because all required information is defined in the interface. The only downside is that APT does not run when a resource is changed, so it need to be started through some other means then or you need a different tool that converts the resource to some annotated java file.

-- J

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