Wednesday, December 14, 2016

IDEs, Dagger2 and annotationProcessorPaths


I am just playing around with GWT 2.8 and Dagger 2.8. I added Dagger 2
via the compiler plugin and the Dagger compiler to
annotationProcessorPaths. When running mvn compile on the command line
everything is fine. The generated DaggerMyAppComponent is generated
properly and can be used in the source code. I can also use everything
in GWT. Awesome.

So far so good. Unfortunately neither Netbeans 8.2 nor Eclipse Neon
recognize the generated Dagger files. I have those wonderful red lines
below autogenerated components. And even though java and class files
are present in the target directory - the IDEs do not want to
recognize those classes. Clean compile in the IDEs does not seem to

I am just wondering whether I am the only one with that problem, or
how others solved that issue regarding the IDE integration.



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