Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Strange ClassCastException with GWT 2.8 and SDM

Hi all,

I'm migrating our GWT app to GWT 2.8 as a PoC because we like to use the SDM.

While testing the SDM I see some strange ClassCastExceptions in the console.

We use gxt 2 and changed some things to make it work with GWT > 2.5.1.

Here's the error message (stacktrace) of the the class cast exception:

java.lang.ClassCastException      at Unknown.java_lang_Throwable_Throwable__V(Unknown Source)      at Unknown.java_lang_Exception_Exception__V(Unknown Source)      at Unknown.java_lang_RuntimeException_RuntimeException__V(Unknown Source)      at Unknown.java_lang_ClassCastException_ClassCastException__V(Unknown Source)      at Unknown.javaemul_internal_InternalPreconditions_checkCriticalType__ZV(Unknown Source)      at Unknown.javaemul_internal_InternalPreconditions_checkType__ZV(Unknown Source)      at Unknown.com_google_gwt_lang_Cast_castTo__Ljava_lang_Object_2Lcom_google_gwt_core_client_JavaScriptObject_2Ljava_lang_Object_2(Unknown Source)      at Unknown.com_extjs_gxt_ui_client_widget_treegrid_TreeGridCellRenderer_getText__Lcom_extjs_gxt_ui_client_widget_treegrid_TreeGrid_2Lcom_extjs_gxt_ui_client_data_ModelData_2Ljava_lang_String_2IILjava_lang_String_2(Unknown Source)      at Unknown.com_extjs_gxt_ui_client_widget_treegrid_TreeGridCellRenderer_render__Lcom_extjs_gxt_ui_client_data_ModelData_2Ljava_lang_String_2Lcom_extjs_gxt_ui_client_widget_grid_ColumnData_2IILcom_extjs_gxt_ui_client_store_ListStore_2Lcom_extjs_gxt_ui_client_widget_grid_Grid_2Ljava_lang_Object_2(Unknown Source)    ...  

The code that triggers this exception is this (

return String.valueOf(model.get(property));  

My temporary solution to fix this is:

Object obj = model.get(property);  String.valueOf(obj);  

I already found several places where the class cast exception occurs and where this fix solves the problem, but I'm afraid that there's something going wrong somewhere in GWT.


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