Monday, December 12, 2016

Re: GWT JsInterop to Java Rhino ?

At one point, I temporarily lost my sanity and adapted the old Elemental to do something like that. Here is some test code that hooks in to JavaFx to run some things in Java's embedded WebKit browser:

I imagine that when the new Elemental with JsInterop-support comes out, it will be adaptable in a similar way. It might even be possible now to just do something using Java Proxy objects and skip Elemental entirely.

Overall though, it was really ungainly. I built a whole application on top of it, and it was just so many types of awful. Looking back, that was not an avenue worth exploring.

As for unit tests, you can just use a mocking framework to mock up your JsInterop interfaces. Then you'd get to work entirely in Java while still testing your code properly.

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