Thursday, December 29, 2016

Compiler requests

Hi all,

I'm switching my code base from TeaVM to GWT+elemental for better Java8 support. It works fine, woehoe! Big thanks to GWT. Nice to be back, I've worked professionally with GWT in 2010, unfortunately I haven't done any GWT projects since.

However I ran the TeaVM compiler programmatically, and I don't succeed running the GWT compiler like that. Now I create a Bladiebla.gwt.xml file, run a process, delete the ..gwt.xml: works but is somewhat cumbersome. I can't create a ModuleDef for my module:

     <module rename-to='a'><inherits name='elemental.Elemental'/><entry-point class='" + className + "'/><source path=''/></module>

    ModuleDef module = new ModuleDef("a");
    // ?? module.addInherits??("elemental.Elemental"); // how to do this?
    module.addResourcePath(""); // correct?

On a side-note: there are probably a 1000 reasons I don't know which are the reason for these .gwt.xml files. but  I do prefer the TeaVM approach, where I only have to point out my entrypoint, and that's all, it only compiles whatever code was called. No client/shared/server packages, @GwtIgnore or .gwt.xml files. Might be something to consider, because I guess it's faster to leave out never used classes and methods in the first place. And more beautiful, although that's my opinion.

And now that I'm complaining: I'm missing a plane 'here is the source-folder' argument for the compiler. Now I manually add src/main/java to the existing classpath programatically, works fine, but then again this might later be a reason why I can't succeed in a programmatical approach, even if I simulate the ModuleDef correctly.

Super thanks!
Niels Gorisse

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