Saturday, December 17, 2016

Re: GWT and Bazel

Yep, I only recently published these rules from what we were using at my company, so they're definitely immature but do work for us in a reasonably large GWT application. I'm not sure how many other people are using them yet but I'm actively maintaining them if people run into any issues.

Thomas is correct that java_roots is probably what you want - I added an example at your bug report at It's true that it's somewhat hackish - the fact that GWT essentially contains its own internal build system can make integrating it with Bazel a little awkward.

Google doesn't use these rules internally, but they do in fact keep the entirety of their code base in a single source tree. They published a paper describing it at and there's a Wired article on it at

On Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 12:36:22 PM UTC-8, Konstantin Solomatov wrote:
Does anybody use rules for bazel from here: It seems that these rules are quite immature. Does anybody try to use it? Are there any alternatives to this?

It has dev mode, but it works only with the source folders from the module where you declare gwt_application. Are there any ways to workaround this implementation. I know that google internally has gwt rules. Do they work in the same way or do they manage to load all source folders somehow?


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