Friday, September 27, 2013

Re: Problem with SuggextBox as table cell

jorge vasquez <jorgevasquezang@...> writes:

> Hi Christian Pelster ,I watched your code , because I need implement some
similar and I could solved your problem , you should modify the method
>  some like this:
>  private String updateViewData(final Context context, final Element
parent, final ViewData viewData,
>           final boolean isEditing, final NativeEvent event) {
>     deleteLastPopup ();
>     //final InputElement input = (InputElement) parent.getFirstChild();
>     final InputElement input = getInputElement(parent);
>     final String value = input.getValue();
>     viewData.setText(value);
>     viewData.setEditing(isEditing);
>     SuggestBox suggestBox = suggestBoxes.get(getKeyFromKontext(context));
>     //suggestBox.removeFromParent();
>     if (suggestBox != null) {
>       suggestBox.setText(value);
>       textBox = new MyTextBox(input);
>       suggestBox = new SuggestBox(suggestBox.getSuggestOracle(), textBox);
>       implementarEstilos(suggestBox);
>       DomEvent.fireNativeEvent(event, textBox);
>     }
>     suggestBox.setFocus(true);
>     return value;
>   }
> you should call a new  textBox = new MyTextBox(input); because with this
he can found the coordenates where will show the results, also you should
add a method deleteLastPopup which delete the last popup of results showed.
> this is the method :
> private void deleteLastPopup () {
>     Element popupEmpresaServicio =
>     String classNameLastChild=popupEmpresaServicio.getClassName();
>     if(popupStyleName.equals(classNameLastChild)) {
>     }
>   }
> always the popup is created in the last part of the code generated there
we can found (in my case i can found for the classname) and delete , then
the new result will be show
> I found other thing which need solve , for show the suggestbox better , if
you found others fix or solutions for solve you can put here for improve the
code :D
> regards,
> Jorge Vasquez

Hello, I know this is an old post, but it helped me and I was able to
improve so I thought I'd share my findings.

Jorge you're fix for the placement does work, but it opens up a new issue
with the multiple popups. That issue I wasn't able to solve, because the
SuggestBox is trying to do this cleanup itself and we're fighting each
other, so I had to backtrack a bit and find a new fix for the placement

Creating a new suggest box is what's causing the multiple popups to appear.
Just by taking this part out, it fixes the multiple popups.

Now is the issue of placement.

To handle this I simply created a new suggest box each time the edit method
is called, regardless if one exists in the map.

This way the suggest box always has a TextBox so it can place it's menus
correctly, and we never create more than one SuggestBox so we never get
duplicate menu's.

My edit method looks like below.

protected void edit(Context context, Element parent, String value) {
setValue(context, parent, value);
InputElement input = getInputElement(parent);


// Always create a new SuggestBox so it opens at the correct
// Never create more than one SuggestBox, otherwise you will
end up with multiple pop up menus.
TextBox textBox = new MyTextBox(input);
SuggestBox suggestBox = getNewSuggestBox(context,
getSuggestOracle(), textBox);
suggestBoxes.put(getKeyFromContext(context), suggestBox);


In addition one big thing I had to do was handling the commits.

There is a bit of a conflict here, because a commit will be performed when
selecting a suggestion (blur). So to handle this part I save the commit
data, let the cell commit as normal in onBrowserEvent, then on the
SuggestBox select event I call the commit again with the saved data and the
selected value. Below is my SuggestBox handler which performs this.

SelectionHandler<Suggestion>() {
public void onSelection(SelectionEvent<Suggestion>
event) {

CommitParameters cp =

// A commit is always performed on blur,
// the selected text was inserted, but then
lost by the blur commit (this is needed in case a selection isn't made).
// Re-insert it so the commit can be
performed using the selection text.
InputElement input =


cp.parent, cp.viewData, cp.valueUpdater, cp.event);

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