Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How exact does an _escaped_fragment_ URL's content have to match the viewable #! content for AJAX crawling?

I'm wrestling with a complicated AJAX based site, trying to make _escaped_fragment_ URLs look exactly like their #!/path equivalents in a custom framework.

I've managed to get it to pretty much work using PhantomJS, however the Phantom generated page does not display in the browser exactly the same as the shebang URL.

I've diffed the content, and can only see minor differences in the actual page content - a couple of missing classes, some missing font loading, an embedded google maps object not loaded etc, but no differences at all between the actual content in the page source.

What I'm most concerned about though is that an overlay in the page is not displaying in the Phantom generated content, even though I can see the content in the page source.

Is this something I should worry about? Or is it sufficient that the content accurately represents the displayed page?

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