Thursday, September 26, 2013

Re: How to create event on safe html

I have added event as below:

SafeHtmlBuilder builder = new SafeHtmlBuilder();      builder.appendHtmlConstant("<input type=\"text\" id=\"nameInput\" /><br/><br/><select><option>one</option></select><br/><center><b>Name</b></center>");      SafeHtml html= builder.toSafeHtml();      cell.addColumn(namecolumn,builder.toSafeHtml());      SafeHtmlBuilder builder1 = new SafeHtmlBuilder();      builder1.appendHtmlConstant("<input type=\"text\"/><br/><br/><select><option>one</option></select><br/><center><b>Last name</b></center>");      cell.addColumn(lastNameColumn,builder1.toSafeHtml());      SafeHtmlBuilder builder2 = new SafeHtmlBuilder();      builder2.appendHtmlConstant("<input type=\"text\"/><br/><br/><select><option>one</option></select><br/><center><b>Age</b></center>");      cell.addColumn(ageColumn,builder2.toSafeHtml());      personCollection.addDataDisplay(cell);      verticalPanel.add(searchpanel);      verticalPanel.add(cell);        final Element nameInput = DOM.getElementById("nameInput");      if(nameInput!=null)      {      Event.sinkEvents(nameInput, Event.ONCHANGE);      Event.setEventListener(nameInput, new EventListener() {            @Override          public void onBrowserEvent(Event event) {              personCollection.setFilter(nameInput.getInnerText());              personCollection.refresh();          }      });

First problem I am getting nameInput is null every time.

and Second that This is just sample. I want to create this column dynamically. so is it possible to add DOM event dynamically for run time generated DOM element?

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