Friday, September 27, 2013

GWT RPC and DevMode


I am failing to get DevMode working with a huge project. The main issue is that as soon as I do a first RPC call I get a IncompatibleRemoveServiceException.
I cannot use the build in Jetty (this project uses EJBs, MQ, and zillions of other technologies that require a full J2EE stack to run the server side). I just need to be able to perform work on the GUI, which is impossible unless I have DevMode working from Eclipse).

I am assuming (since that has always been the case in other more simple projects) that the root cause is that my sourcepath is different then when the EAR was build. So I must be missing some serializable classes.

Is there a way to find out what I am missing to make this work ? I get an error that RPCMap was not assignable (while it certainly is). Can I easily find out what subclasses of RPCMap devmode is expecting vs what the compiled version was using ?

I really would love to see GWT-RPC be replaced with something that does not require a perfectly in sync client and server codebase!


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