Monday, September 23, 2013

Re: Code Splitting with Factory usage?

Hi, here are two links you should read:

You are interested on this:

"To obtain a compile report for your application, simply compile your application with the -compileReport option added. Your application should then have an output directory named compileReport. Open index.html in that directory to view a Compile Report for your application."

In the report you will see the answer to your question.


2013. szeptember 23., hétfő 14:13:38 UTC+2 időpontban Ed a következőt írta:
I have a global Factory class to create instances.
I have a code split A and code split B that both use this Factory to create instance A1 that is only used in A and instance B1 that is only used in B.

Will code for object  A1 also end up in split point B, and code for object B1 als end up in split point A? Or is the GWT compiler smart enough to detect it's usage and ensure that code A1 is only present in split point A, and code B1 is only present in split point B?

I think so, but got my doubts, as the Factory is shared  between both split points, and it also shows up in the SOYC report.
- Ed

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