Friday, September 27, 2013

Re: How to create event on safe html

I just answered on StackOverflow:

On Friday, September 27, 2013 7:34:16 AM UTC+2, Bhumika Thaker wrote:

How to create event on safe html. As  I want to do filtering for column in celltable.
So I added search box at header in table. I want to access textbox and do some event on textbox.


         SafeHtmlBuilder builder = new SafeHtmlBuilder();
        builder.appendHtmlConstant("<input type=\"text\"/><br/><br/><select><option>one</option></select><br/><center><b>Name</b></center>");
        SafeHtmlBuilder builder1 = new SafeHtmlBuilder();
        builder1.appendHtmlConstant("<input type=\"text\"/><br/><br/><select><option>one</option></select><br/><center><b>Last name</b></center>");
        SafeHtmlBuilder builder2 = new SafeHtmlBuilder();
        builder2.appendHtmlConstant("<input type=\"text\"/><br/><br/><select><option>one</option></select><br/><center><b>Age</b></center>");


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