Monday, September 30, 2013

Re: GWT Chat applications

I have built a chat front-end using GWT, Strophe.js and gwt-strophe (bindings for GWT). Strophe simulates persistent XMPP connections through BOSH. For the server I used Tigase, but it should work with any XMPP complient server. There are many good open source chat servers that allow you to write custom plugins in java (e.g. for authentication and integration with your back-end). Openfire is a popular one.

The advantage of having a separate chat server is that it removes a lot of load (and at lot of long lived connections) from your servlet container. The drawback is that it makes integration with your webapp harder, because you have to write plugins to talk to your backend. But imo it scales better, especially if you're going to have hundreds or thousands of simultaneous chat users.

Basically my GWT app uses GWT-RPC to talk to Tomcat, but the chat stuff does not go to Tomcat. It goes to the standalone Tigase server living on the same machine. All traffic go through port 80 (or 443) and it is routed to either Tomcat or Tigase using reverse proxy rules in Apache Web server.

Unfortunately I can't show you the code or point you to a live example because it was developped for a company I worked for (closed source) and the application is not open to public.


On Wednesday, December 9, 2009 7:13:16 AM UTC-5, abhiram wrote:
Hi All,

   Can someone tell me which is the best (and convenient) method to
implement a chat application for my web page using GWT?

  I believed using the comet.jar would be neat but had lot of problem
implementin it. Can you please tell me which is the best possible
approach? with any working examples / links?

~ Abhiram

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