Saturday, December 29, 2012

Some of my images arnt being turned into image strips :?

...and thus are rather flickery when animating between them. (they are
frames in a animated sprite).

What baffles me is they are defined the same way as others that do
seem to work.

eg. I have a file like:
public interface MemDayImages extends ClientBundle {
ImageResource MEDmagrietbag0();

ImageResource MEDmagrietbag1();

ImageResource MEDmagrietbag2();


Which makes a lovely image strip that animates really smoothly.

I have another group of sprites however:

public interface NoirInternalSprites extends ClientBundle {

ImageResource fireloop0050();

ImageResource fireloop0051();

ImageResource fireloop0052();

ImageResource fireloop0053();

Which does not.
These pngs instead turn into dozens of separate files - not a image
strip at all.

So what gives :?
What determines when images are combined and when they are not ?

For reference, I use
<set-property name="ClientBundle.enableInlining" value="false" /
in my gwt.xml to stop data urls being formed.

Thanks for any pointers,

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