Friday, December 28, 2012

RFED flushed context reaches server without nested entity changes

Hi GWT Gurus, 

I've been trying to get GWT RequestFactoryEditorDriver working for my entities with relationship - A contains a List<B>. 

My editors display my data just fine now, and changes to persist perfectly as well. Also, when I change the value of a "" and do a driver.flush(), on inspecting the returned "context" in Eclipse, my change to "" is present. However, when I my "saveAndReturn" method, the server-side object doesn't contain my "" change. How could this be happening?

(I also posted my question on StackOverflow with detailed code snippets:

Please do help!

(I promise to write up a summary of my issues and solutions on my blog and link it back here once I've figured this out and can finally save my data!)


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Version: 3.12
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