Saturday, December 29, 2012

Re: GWT Crawlable (SEO)

I solved this by effectively having a crudely laidout, but text/
content identical php system that gives the content when javascript
isnt present and a ?_escaped_fragment_ url is given.
As a bonus to making my site crawlable, this also makes it usable(ish)
for those without javascript on.

On Dec 28, 9:32 pm, Jens <> wrote:
> The servlet filter is only for the crawler and the crawler will not
> navigate your app using PlaceChangeEvents. The crawler just loads an URL
> that will hit your server and your servlet filter.
> If the bot finds a hyperlink like "#!myPlace" then it calls your server
> using "" and thus hitting your
> server. If you have two servers (a dedicated web server for static content
> + application server) then you have to proxy the request to your
> application server as soon as the URL contains the _escaped_fragment_ query
> parameter, so that the server can generate a HTML snapshot on the fly or
> you have to pre-generate all possible snapshots and serve them directly
> from the dedicated web server (and update them regularly using a cron job).
> Basically your server needs to follow the spec described at:
> -- J.

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