Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Re: CellTable not rendering rows in production mode?

If anybody stumbles on this issue:
I had it when I used objects containing nested objects (java.util.logging.LogRecord) for my CellTable content class.
Something like
class LogValues {
  private LogRecord record;
  public LogRecord getRecord() { return record;}

Column<LogValues, Date> dateColumn = new Column<LogValues, Date>(dateCell) {
public Date getValue(LogValues log) {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub
return new Date(log.getRecord().getMillis());
TextColumn<LogValues> msg = new TextColumn<LogValues>() {
public String getCellStyleNames(Context context, LogValues log) {
return "log_"+log.getRecord().getLevel();

public String getValue(LogValues log) {
return log.getRecord().getMessage();

In this case, the CellTable did not render in compiled mode, while it worked fine in development mode.
On a hunch, I flattened LogValues and copied the required data to fields, so I could drop the getRecord() call.
--> Now it does render.

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