Monday, April 30, 2012

Re: Google axing GWT?

GWT is not based in ATL and we are definitely not axing it. GWT has been based in Mountain View for most of the past year and that is where all of the GWT 2.5 work that Ray Cromwell references is being done. GWT 2.5 has taken a bit longer to get out than we originally planned, but it also includes some very significant new functionality (like Elemental which Ray references in his G+ post). The GWT project remains very stable and viable, and we plan to keep it that way long term (keep in mind that Google relies on GWT just as much as the external community). Any changes planned for the GWT team will actually help ensure that and are unrelated to anything going on in ATL.

On Thursday, April 26, 2012 12:31:09 PM UTC-4, wrote:
Some of my contacts down in Atlanta tell me Google is making big
changes to the GWT team and word is they are going to eliminate GWT
and a number of other projects. Can anyone from Google confirm or

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