Saturday, April 28, 2012

ListDataProvider vs AsyncDataProvider

in a search page, assume the result return many record like 8000 records, and in the simplepager, each page display only 10 records, if using ListDataProvider, the 8000 records will be sent to client at once time and then render the celtable with all 8000 records in one time, the result is static.
if using AsyncDataProvider, each time the server only sent 10 records to client.
1) so AsyncDataProvider response is much faster, is this correct?
2) but how about if the user press the "last button" in the simplepager when the celltable using AsyncDataProvider? the speed is still similar to get the first page? that is, it only fetch records from 7990 to 8000 records only, bypass all the others (record before 7990)?
3) assume user input criteria fieldA = "XXX", if using asyncDataProvider, while searching, other user may enter record which fulfill the criteria fieldA = "XXX", so the total number of records in simpepager is continually changing? and so the first ten records in first page is keep continually changing?
4) anyway, in my case (searching with result return thousands records), AsyncDataProvider is more suitable then using ListDataProvider?


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