Friday, April 27, 2012

Re: Google axing GWT?

Hey Joe! Funny seeing you here.

Obviously Google is making a lot of people nervous, with the following
factors at play:
1. the release and promotion of Dart
2. the unusually long time lapse since the 2.4 release
3. the lack of any roadmap

#2 and #3 were sort of humorously posted as bugs, but the GWT dev team
didn't take kindly to this.

The release lapse between 1.4-->1.5 was a full year, so perhaps we're
in for a similar wait for 2.4-->2.5. Google and the community are
heavily invested in GWT, so it will live on regardless of what Google


On Apr 27, 1:11 pm, Joseph Lust <> wrote:
> I'll keep praying for GWT. Let's see what transpires at Google IO in June.
> Joe

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