Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Is it possible to flush the sub-editor of a CompositeEditor ?

I have a CompositeEditor that displays a list of sub-objects and allows me to add/delete/edit the objects in that list with sub-editors.

I am seeing a problem where I edit one of my objects inside the sub-editor, and then try to refresh the list once the edit is complete.  The issue I see is that the changes from the sub-editor are not reflected in the result of the call to chain.getValue(subEditor).   

In a previous incarnation, I had tried initializing and editing the subEditor with a new RequestFactoryEditorDriver.  When doing that I was able to call driver.flush(subEditor), and then chain.getValue(subEditor) returned the correct values.  Unfortunately doing this messed up the delegates and caused the errors/dirty flag from the sub editor to not flush up into the parent editor.  

So my question is whether it is possible to force a flush of the sub-editor in order to read its value before the CompositeEditor is flushed by the top-level driver.  

My basic flow is :

1. CompositeEditor.setValue(...)
  a.  Create sub-editors, and attach them to the chain with the sub-objects
  b.  Display the sub-objects in the list
2. Click New button
 a.   Create a new sub-editor and a new sub-object
 b.   call chain.attach(sub-editor,sub-object)
 c.   display the editor
 d.   User fills in data and clicks OK
 e.   Update list with the result of chain.getValue(sub-editor)  <-- at this point the value returned is the default values created step 2a
3.  Click Submit <-- Also at this point, the values are not flushed either.  

Step 3's problem sounds like issue , but I'm curious if step 2.e's problem is that as well, or if it is just not a normal case to read values out of a sub-editor before the top-level driver has flushed the whole thing?

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