Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to exclude JUnit test files to be converted to javascript inside /src/test/java/ folder when the Project is using Maven.

/src/test/java/ and /src/main/java/ folders are created by maven when
you mavenised the GWT project. I also have <source path="client"/>
statement in my gwt module XML file.

I have package name as com.mycompany.project.client.activity inside /
src/test/java/ folder which has files to test my activity classes.

I get source code not found error when the module is loaded in running
an app Development mode.

I am thinking since I have "client" name as a package in my test
folder GWT is shouting.

Why would GWT should even try to convert my JUnit test files into
javascript? And what is the solution to fix this?

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