Monday, January 25, 2021

Re: Our 10+ year journey with GWT (+ job opening)

On Tue, Jan 26, 2021 at 5:08 AM Vassilis Virvilis <> wrote:
Thanks for the insightful reply. You seem to focus on optimization which I agree is a worthy target.

It is the limiting factor when building at large scale.
I was focusing on development practices and reuse. For example I have created bindings for jQuery. I would love to just use somebody else's bindings. But here is the thing. I didn't need jQuery for me or my application. I needed it for I created bindings for them too and jQuery was a requirement.

Having done the exercise I believe that it is impossible to reuse jQuery from another source and from another. They have to be developed in sync or at least first the jQuery and then the bindings. It looks like a huge waste of effort to me and not very scalable regarding ecosystem growth if every gwt developer develops his own bindings every time.

But what would be a proper solution here? Create a mega project to coordinate smaller bindings only projects? Provisions have to be taken for packaging and namespaces in order to avoid collisions and a ton of other things that are massive headaches.

It could work ... and if you have the time it is worth trying. Seeing if you can gather support on the chat channel seems like the best way forward. Good luck!

I guess my concern is that if the binding is not generated automatically from the types in the source js project then the binding will be an opinionated mapping of a subset of the js API that made sense to the author or their use-case. If that mapping makes sense for enough other people then I can imagine that it is worth collaborating with other people to develop and maintain it over time. We maintain a fairly opinionated binding of react and (several) bindings for keycloak.js but other than those two libraries, any binding we have tends to be project specific because the mapping focuses on small subsets of the relevant libraries. 


Peter Donald

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