Monday, January 25, 2021

Re: Abridged summary of - 7 updates in 3 topics

Just in case... Many people suggests to hire "pros" and "experts": it is my fault, because I've not provided my background. I do work with TI for about 35 years, programming in 15 or more languages (stopped counting long ago), a MS System Engineer and Lotus Notes Professional (!!!) since 1995, heavy background on networks and protocols... Even as CTO of my own company often I do code hacking nights because I love technology. I"be been using Gwt since 2.0... Our project started on Gwt in 2009... I had to edit gwt source code many times to fix things that has not been fixed (like timezone DST), and created many hacks in javascript inside my java code. After many years teaching developers to work with gwt (this is another problem: to hire developers with gwt skills), I've made a plan, and we are working on it. So sar, so good, we still be working with gwt for a year or two. But, then, I smile everytime I (or my team) need to debug something - either server side or client side. In huge applications like ours, it's like having pockets full of gold, even having to mine them hard.

Em dom, 24 de jan de 2021 10:01, <> escreveu:
"" <>: Jan 24 03:36AM -0800

Hi, I see that everyone leaves 2c, so I will do the same.
But before few words about my background - 6 years with GWT+SmartGWT and
now 3 years with VueJS + Vuetify + Typescript.
"" <>: Jan 23 11:41AM -0800

@RobW: Thanks for the insight.
I also think that such an app modernization process is the most reasonable
I never had a chance in my job as software developer and architect to ...more
Peter Donald <>: Jan 24 04:13PM +1100

FWIW - about 3 years ago we started to rewrite a suite of apps built using
a collection of technologies from AWT/SWING Desktop apps, jruby/rails,
jsp/jsf, gwt applications and some of the suite has ...more
Vassilis Virvilis <>: Jan 24 11:16AM +0200

Hi Peter,
That's a very good insight. Thanks for sharing.
I do not have a +10 years product in GWT yet (6+) but I have +10 overall
experience. What looked like a game changer for me was the ...more
Edson Richter <>: Jan 23 11:56AM -0300

After fighting with no debug working on gwt (yeah, believe me, tryied
everything) and fighting hard with missing date/time daylight savings time
horror stories, we decided to move gradually to ...more
"" <>: Jan 23 11:21AM -0800

I'm sorry to hear your problem with debugging and daylight saving time...
In such case I would just take a paid / professional consulting like e.g.
Vertispan to solve my problems. ...more
Vegegoku <>: Jan 23 12:32PM -0800

Rewrite in most cases is just a wrong step, doing it gradually may make it
less expensive but it is still a very expensive approach, I have always
been wondering why companies prefer a rewrite ...more
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