Thursday, January 21, 2021

Re: Datatrans payment system with JSinterop

Thanks Thomas,

I tried it but the compiler is complaining :
            [ERROR] Line 27: Native JsType method 'void DatatransOption.opened()' should be native or abstract.
As I would like to implement them myself, is there a workaround ?  

Le jeudi 21 janvier 2021 à 18:51:57 UTC+1, a écrit :
You could probably also use a non-native type:

public class DatatransOption {
  public String transactionId;
  public void opened() {
    Window.alert("payment form opened");

On Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 1:07:34 PM UTC+1 wrote:
I was able to make it work using a DatatransOption class for the config :
@JsType(namespace = JsPackage.GLOBAL, name = "Object", isNative = true)
public class DatatransOption {

public String transactionId;
public Func opened;
public static DatatransOption create(String transactionId)
DatatransOption option = new DatatransOption();
option.transactionId = transactionId;
option.opened = new Func() {
public void call() {
Window.alert("payment-form opened ");
return option;

The Func interface is from Gwt-Material
Le jeudi 21 janvier 2021 à 09:19:48 UTC+1, a écrit :

I am trying to integrate the Datatrans payment system with JSinterop

the js code to be executed should be :

payButton.onclick = function() {
    transactionId:  "{{transactionId}}",
    'opened': function() {console.log('payment-form opened');},
    'loaded': function() {console.log('payment-form loaded');},
    'closed': function() {console.log('payment-page closed');},
    'error': function() {console.log('error');}

I created a Datatrans class :

@JsType(namespace = JsPackage.GLOBAL, isNative = true)
public class Datatrans {
public native static void startPayment(String transactionId);

When clicking on the payButton, the startPayment function from the js code is executed but no dialog from datastrans is shown.
I guess imy definition of my startPayment method doesnot include the functions callbacks for opened/loaded etc
How can I define these functions and change my  startPayment definition ?

Thanks in advance for any help

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