Saturday, January 23, 2021

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I'm sorry to hear your problem with debugging and daylight saving time... In such case I would just take a paid / professional consulting like e.g. Vertispan to solve my problems. It is more cheaper than trying 1000 hours 😉

Anyway I found out that Angular programming model is very similar to GWT with all those design patterns. In my experience with frameworks you always have some problems (this happens also with Spring Framework), so I never expect that everything works always smoothly 😉 

Good luck 👍
Edson Richter schrieb am Samstag, 23. Januar 2021 um 16:00:39 UTC+1:
After fighting with no debug working on gwt (yeah, believe me, tryied everything) and fighting hard with missing date/time daylight savings time horror stories, we decided to move gradually to Angular+. It is easy to integrate both Angular and gwt modules (not components) on same page by using iframes. We will do that until everything is rewritten in Angular. Few thounds dialogs and hundred custom components are being rewritten by the team. And thanks to our architecture (encouraged by gwt), we have zero business rewrite.

That's it, gwt is at the end of line here.

Of course Angular presents many obstacles that we will overcome using OO patterns thanks to typescript, which is a elegant language for its purpose.



Em sáb, 23 de jan de 2021 10:01, <> escreveu:
RobW <>: Jan 22 05:13AM -0800

Similar decision process for us. After a lot of research into Vue, React
etc we decided the switch over and learning curve just didn't pay back. Our
app scaffold in GWT is actually really solid, ...more
Jofrantoba <>: Jan 22 12:38PM -0500

Hi, Alexander.
I'm jofrantoba. I'd like working but my english is basic.
My best is the reading.
atte @jofrantoba <>
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