Monday, January 11, 2021

Re: CodeServer looks for (not required?) source

On 10. 01. 2021. 15:53, Gordan Krešić wrote:
> When using SDM's Code Server, I get following error during initial load:
>     [ERROR] Could not find org.apache.commons.lang3.LocaleUtils in types
> compiled from source. Is the source glob too strict?
> That's it, no further reference which class depends on LocaleUtils. Is there
> a way to increase log verbosity of code server?

To summarize: one of my classes did reference LocaleUtils, but not directly.
It had static member field of type OffendingClass that internally had
methods which use LocaleUtils.

That field was not accessed in client code, co compiler, after it pruned AST
didn't stumbled upon it, as I suspected. SDM skips such optimizations and
did found OffendingClass in AST, but for some reason didn't report class name.

Decreasing log level od CodeServer didn't report offending class either, but
gave me some clues where to look for.


1. When CodeServer doesn't report offending class, look at static members
and static class initializers.

2. GWT Gradle landscape is in poor condition.


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