Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Re: Why Don’t You Use Java for Programming the Client-Side Web Apps on Web Browser?

Also agree with general opinions in this thread:
  • Actually it is enough to know Java and its ecosystem.
  • The APIs of those UI frameworks + Web browser as a platform (Web APIs) have to be learned by all Java or JavaScript or TypeScript developers anyway.
  • As I saw it by myself, it is actually not hard to learn those APIs, see https://bit.ly/GWTModernExperiences
I also agree with CVs and contractors, like what David said. But last time I also didn't think that searching for VueJS developers is also not that easy. At the end you just take a developer with JavaScript and maybe Angular know how... 😀So, you hope that the developer will learn the VueJS fast and this is important, today if you want to learn Spring Boot you have enough resources on Internet, also VueJS / Angular / React. But what about GWT? A lot of things are old...

So, yes, we need to update gwtproject-site and need to create a lot more resources to learn GWT / J2CL and of course, new versions, new versions - and always release to Maven Central... to make the developer experience outstanding...

lofid...@gmail.com schrieb am Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2020 um 19:42:50 UTC+2:
Hi David,

thanks for your feedback.

Yes, agree with you with all your points... I'm not sure what we could do to show that we are still alive... 😀 At the moment we have following:
  • Colin with Vertispan always invites us for an online meetup, here are the results so far: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbTjCnaZEusVEAPBMtnz9Fw
    • Here you can ask everything about GWT / J2CL so you have the access to the GWT / J2CL experts.
  • Some of us try to spread the words by writing articles, etc. and also trying to apply for some conference talks. So far not yet successful with conferences.
  • I try to write a short / simple deck and it could be used to show the advantages of GWT / J2CL to the managers, see https://bit.ly/gwtintropresentation
  • I try to build a "padlet" for Modern GWT / J2CL: https://bit.ly/GWTIntroPadlet
What we could do more:
David Nouls schrieb am Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2020 um 11:21:21 UTC+2:
Hi Lofi,

In my company we are the only group that is working with GWT to develop a new customer facing application. We have a few products in maintenance mode that are also using GWT. But most new developments are using Angular.

The biggest problems we are facing with using GWT/Java for the client are:
- Lack of developers with GUI and GWT skills
- Lack of developers who are even willing to learn GWT.  GWT is seen as a dead technology after Google pushed it out.
- Management does not like us to keep on using GWT for the same reason.

I managed to convince management to use GWT for our product because we have a long history of using GWT and we had experience before with the maintenance burdens of using JavaScript in the past. And we can deliver GUI changes quite quickly (in many cases much faster than the teams using Angular).

But we do have a big problem finding GWT developers or finding people who want to learn it. And that is a very big risk for a project.

I know that there is active development going on in GWT and J2CL but, you barely see blog posts about GWT or libraries being released for it.
The gwtproject page is mostly stale, the documentation is mostly about old API's. The more advanced features takes some time to find and learn.

If you compare that with the constant release cycle and amount of info/noise I see related to Angular and other Frameworks then it is understandable that people have the impression that GWT is dead.

On Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 9:02:18 PM UTC+2 lofid...@gmail.com wrote:
I would like to know, what are the obstacles for you as Java developers not using Java as programming language for writing Web browser apps. Web browser apps are client-side and not server-side Web apps. 
I would like to know from you... Java developers...

Thanks, Lofi

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