Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Eran Shir on Transportation Designed for 2020+

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Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

Slow Family,

Last week's 'Everything But Politics and the Pandemic' discussion with Dave Morin was a fun one and raised ~$400 for The Human Rights Campaign Foundation. If you didn't get the chance to join, check out recording here for discussion on identity, social media and the role of regulation.

This Wednesday, we're excited to bring on Eran Shir, the founder and CEO of intelligent dash-cam application leader Nexar, for a group discussion about some of the biggest problems in the transportation space today and what the future will look like. And moving forward, we are planning on hosting these bi-weekly-ish on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Eran Shir & Sam Lessin
Transportation Designed for 2020+

Wednesday, October 20th at 12:00p PST/ 3:00p EST
Register here 

Transportation has clearly become one of the largest opportunities for innovation in the 21st century. Eran and Sam will host a discussion on the future of the transportation industry and what needs to be built. Join the session for $10, all proceeds benefit Donors Choose (please message if this is a hardship :))! 

On the Slow Speaker Series

Slow is hosting a series of interesting conversations with founders in our network and friends in the community. These are meant to be live discussions with participants on zoom, casual, informative, and fun. To keep things small-ish, each event we ask for a $10 contribution that goes to the charity of the speaker's choice.  

Next Upcoming Scheduled Events 

Brad Hargreaves: Stories from Building

When? Friday, October 23th @ 12:30p PST / 3:30p EST

What? Sam will riff with a good friend Brad Hargreaves about his experiences finding, building and growing businesses. Brad is a serial entrepreneur with deep experience launching long-term businesses like Common and General Assembly. 

Charity? At the Table

Alexa Von Tobel: Building Through Uncertainty 
When? Wednesday, October 28th @ 1:30p PST / 4:30p EST

What? 2020 has been one of the most volatile years in recent history and especially challenging for founders to navigate. Sam will be chatting with Alexa Von Tobel, who will share her learnings from launching LearnVest during the '08 recession (through to an acquisition by Northwestern Mutual). 

Charity? Unicef USA 


Andrew Frame: The Future of Community Safety

When? Friday, October 30th @ 10:00a PST / 1:00p EST

What? We have seen explosion of community engagement this year around safety and awareness. One platform that has been critical in this moment is public safety app Citizen. Sam will be co hosting a conversation with Andrew Frame, Founder and CEO of Citizen, about his vision for the future of community-driven safety.

Charity? Newark Community Street Team

Milana Lewis: Reimagining Artists Rights

Wednesday, November 4th @ 1:00p PST/ 4:00p EST

What? Kanye West recently surfaced artist rights as a major issue for the industry, but large labels have always held a monopoly on financing artists' careers. Sam will be interviewing Milana Lewis, founder and CEO of Stem, on some of the ways the industry is evolving to flip this dynamic and empower the artist.

Charity? Make a Wish Foundation

All the best,

Sam & The Slow Team


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