Monday, October 19, 2020

Re: Including a submodule of a gwt project in maven

On Monday, October 19, 2020 at 4:43:26 PM UTC+2, Elhanan wrote:
what's the difference between 
warDir, webappDirectory, workDir,workingDirectory, codeServerWorkDir , devModeWorkDir, tempDir? 
i mean it's hard to follow all those around.

I'm assuming you're using autocompletion in your IDE here, then yes it's hard to understand. That's why we have docs ;-)
gwt:compile outputs to webappDirectory, and puts its own files into workDir (they will be reused between runs for better performance); webappDirectory should match outputDirectory and warName of gwt:package-app for everything to run smoothly.
gwt:devmode uses warDir and devModeWorkDir, with approximately the same meaning as webappDirectory and workDir of gwt:compile, respectively.
gwt:codeserver writes to codeServerWorkDir, and possibly launcherDir (which is where your –separate– web server would serve static resources)
tempDir comes from gwt:test, it's inherited from Surefire; gwt:test also has a workDir which can be shared with gwt:compile (other work dirs don't have the same layout)

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