Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Re: Strange GWT-RPC bug upgrading from 2.7 to 2.8+

Well ok that devirtual function is clearly broken. Normally these kind of functions do instanceof dispatches to delegate an abstract method call, e.g. Number.intValue(), to a concrete implementation, e.g. Integer.intValue.

Below an example how it should look (GWT master branch with an example app):

function intValue__I__devirtual$_0_g$(this$static_0_g$){
  return instanceOfDouble_0_g$(this$static_0_g$)?$intValue_0_g$(this$static_0_g$):this$static_0_g$.intValue_20_g$();
intValue__I__devirtual$_0_g$.displayName = 'Number.intValue__I__devirtual$';

_.intValue_20_g$ = function intValue_4_g$(){
  return this.value_73_g$;
_.intValue_20_g$.displayName = 'Integer.intValue';

This looks like a compiler bug to me triggered by your source code or you have am 3rd party GWT library that emulates either Number or Integer. A small reproduction project would be nice, but probably very hard to isolate the underlying issue.

Do you still have the issue when you comment everything in your entry point and just add a line that executes the GWT-RPC call that currently fails?

-- J.

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