Monday, October 19, 2020

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I'd also like to say thanks to the guys who keep gwt going.
Gwt allows me to to do most of my work in Java, & link with JS,
but keep JS coding to a minimum.

On Monday, 19 October 2020, 14:02:21 BST, <> wrote:

Elhanan Maayan <>: Oct 19 12:29PM +0300

I also understand that tbroyer is against doing maven install in general,
which is what i intend to do as it's part of the whole build process, all
i need is for the the entire output be recognized as an artifact to be
carried to he main build , the solution your provider with the assembly
seems to so if, so i won't even need the server side, and just have that
pom copy instructions executed on the build module
Although in the future i may have a server side just to be able to execute
shell commands
Thomas Broyer <>: Oct 19 02:47AM -0700

I haven't followed the whole discussion, but if you don't have a need for
shared and server modules (what I call a "standalone" app), then you can
put your HTML file (and associated resources) into your module's public path
You'll then use gwt:devmode for debugging, to take advantage of the
embedded web server to serve your static resources; see
On Sunday, October 18, 2020 at 5:03:21 PM UTC+2, Elhanan wrote:
Elhanan Maayan <>: Oct 19 02:58PM +0300

hey thomas, the thing is, i wanna do it right without any hacks, but if i
demine the pom as gwt-app, the output is just gwt compiled code with no
static html or css resources, if i use war in the pom type, the output is
just the static resources. i want the entire artifact to be considered as
both html and gwt javascript.
Tom Van Eetvelde <>: Oct 19 01:45AM -0700

I just wanted to say that I have been using GWT since 2009 and I never
thought about sharing how much fun GWT has brought to my developer life. So
I am doing it now :-)
To be honest, there are some libraries/toolkits out there that rise above
the others. They have this intrinsic quality, they are open instead of
restrictive on your coding style and when you need to take the extra mile
in your dev work, the framework goes along, providing what you need. GWT is
definitely among these.
GWT is the reason that I started browser UI development as a Java backend
I am so happy GWT is still among us and I will be continuing to use this
framework for many years to come.
Thanks for this great framework!
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