Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Re: GWT RPC in GWT 3.0+

I was contrasting the blog post to the presentations Ray/Daniel have given in the past, hence the Singular example preceding what you are quoting.  These are on youtube and I've also attended their presentations in person.

I'm not trying to argue the compilation efficiency of GWT-RPC or get an explanation of why it is so slow or say there aren't alternatives.  If I am giving off those impressions, I apologize.

I am attempting to point out (poorly I suppose) that the value of the feature largely stems from one's perspective or point of view.  When one uses GWT-RPC, one trades the compile-hit for the functionality.  Similarly with SOYC reports or massive numbers of permutations, you can generate them, however they incur a time/space cost.  These are choices, they have costs, and my point has largely been to let the users decide if the trade-offs fit their needs or not. (Please don't explain how SOYC/Perms don't impact incremental compile!)

Most of the GWT-RPC criticism here (and in the blog post) are purely technical detail about some of its shortcomings and its impact on incremental compile.  From the detailed technical point of view, Daniel/Thomas make accurate observations and there is not much to discuss.  However, at the feature level of GWT-RPC, given its flaws/quirks, many folks would still opt to use it in at least some situations with the cost it incurs.

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