Monday, July 25, 2016

Feeback on upcoming application

Hello (GWT)-Folks,

I will also post here since I m not sure everybody is on the Google+ Group

We are about the release a beta version of one our apps and would love to get some feedback before launch
The app is called Matila(written with GWT of course :) ).
I will explain why the name Matila in another post :)

At core Matila is a text editor that helps user read text base files, locally or on any drive service.
The files can also be saved locally or remotely on any cloud service.
We will start with the FileSystem, DropBox and Google Drive support and will add more services soon.

With Matila one can also manage files (rename, delete, move ) across the local file system and any cloud service. Think of moving a file from dropbox to google drive with a simple drag and drop.
Or from dropbox to the local file system.

Matila will be available on the web, Window, Linux and Mac. With mobiles clients in beta2

We plan to support opening more files format (PDF, Office, Images, Video, etc ) right inside matila in the future. For the first release only text based files can be opened. The others will be downloaded.

What do you guyz think ?
Is this something you would use ? If no why not ? What can we do better ?

Looking forward for your feedbacks.



P.S: See a screenshot attached

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