Wednesday, July 20, 2016

GWTMaterialDesign Data Table 1.0-SNAPSHOT is available.

Proud to announce that the GMD Table is now available for community use! It has been set up as a separate library for the time being (could eventually be moved into the GMD library when 2.0 is released). All of the features mentioned in my original post have been implemented, so check it out for yourself now!

The sample project demonstrates how to use the table showing majority of its features. There is also a demo you can look at sampling the gwt-material-table-sample project. InfiniteTable & StandardTable

The data table is based on GWT 2.8.0-SNAPSHOT using java 8 (yay lamdas!).

It will be great to receive feedback from the community! Hopefully it will improve things for the GMD developers, giving you all a complex data table for modern web application development.

You can also note that we are now utilizing JSInterop, giving us direct access to the JQuery javascript library (see GWT Material JQuery). This is a step in the right direction for GMD as a whole and will allow us to do some really neat things in the very near future!

     - Ben Dol
     Creator of GMD DataTable

You can find the demo from the link below!

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