Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Re: Cascading GWT Application ?

Thanks for your answers and many thanks again for the helps and advices ! 
@Thomas : This is what I've done. I try to go slowly to understand it all. So here is my wish list : 
- Getting an modulable application, and possibly separate each modules in different projects to clarify the code.
- Calling all theses modules in a single page
- Being able to communicate with server for each module and retrieving data "everywhere"

Like you said, I firstly try to masterise a litle bit more gwt before to add maven things in my project, even if I understand well where and how it can help me now.

@Gilberto : Many thanks for your help offer and here is a Git repository of my last try, I didn't package all projects in an initial workspace and I didn't commit my test : https://github.com/Manovsky/gwtModuleWorkspace

Some explication about it : 
it7_gwt is my main project. It is composed by : 
- the gwt sample 
- defining 3 div for my displayable module
- and an intraModule who is using jersey to be able to use restyGWT in the futur ;)

it7_menu is just a menu done in uiBinder and display itself in the divMenu

toto is a greeting sample by GWT plugin. I charge it in my main html page to try RPC by an external project module.

jerseyModule is the same module as intraModule to try the solution, again, to externalise my server communication.

The external resource is just a directory with all the needed jar. Cause I didn't manage to do the same all things with maven at the moment :)

And all this is rendering me a page with my 3 displayable modules (my menu on the left and my 2 greeting modules one of the top of the second), but the server call in RPC works on the it7_gwt module (popup show up and respond correctly) but the second (the toto one) is poping an error. 
And same thing with jersey. When I try to go on, my server respond an Hello Jersey page... fine... but on the (who is the path in my web.xml / module jax-rs) i got an 404 page.

So at the moment, and like you said, all is working fine when you develop in a single project, but when I call module from external, I didn't manage to access to "their" servers.
Is this the problematic ? How should I do or how to architect the project / module in my project to get an clear thing ! 

Hope there will not have so much wrong things :D

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