Monday, November 23, 2015

Need clarity on permutation generation

#GWT #Permutation
Did simple permutation test on gwt.xml file in GWT 2.7.0

<module rename-to='permutationtest'>
<inherits name=""/>
<entry-point class='test.client.PermutationTest' />
<source path='client' />
<collapse-property name="user.agent" values="*" />

gives 3 permutations. When I dive into the nocache.js file to find how permutations were classified. To my surprise, its based on user.agent. "safari & gecko" , " ie9&ie10" and "ie8" permutation an each. Why is linker generate 3 permutations based on user.agent when the collapse-property specifies generate one permutation for all user.agents.

But when <collapse-all-properties> is specified, linker generate only one permutation.

What's the catch?

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