Monday, November 30, 2015

GoogleBot is using the wrong permutation?

Has anybody experiences the following situation?
GoogleBot is using a permutation that doesn't exists (anymore)? :(

Googlebot (GB) comes by to crawl the site (build with GWT 2.7.0: and generates some exception on some page, namely, this only occurs when GB accesses the site. The exception looks like:


Cannot call method 'xg' of null

        at Unknown.NOb( ~[na:na]

        at Unknown.Mrd( ~[na:na] 

The deObfuscator in the backend complaints that it's receiving a permutation from the frontend, that doesn't exists, and checking it manually, it really doesn't exists... It had that already a few times when deploying new versions.
1) What permutation is GB using ? I could it be a cashed one (old one) ?
2) I can't solve this issue without deObfuscating (I don't want to put a pretty-version online, it's too big).

Any idea ?
- Ed 

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