Saturday, May 2, 2015

GWT 2.7.0 DevMode not allowing multiple GWT Modules

I've migrated a Maven based GWT project from GWT 2.5 to 2.7. The project has 2 GWT Modules (.gwt.xml) within one Maven project. In GWT 2.5 I was able to start DevMode and point the browser to the host page of either module and all worked fine.

My POM looked like this:

<runTarget>${gwt.hostPageModuleA}</runTarget>  <modules>      <module></module>      <module></module>  </modules>  

Now with GWT 2.7 (still using "classic" DevMode), DevMode only works for the module which has its hostPage configured as runTarget. If I switch the hostPage to moduleB, moduleB works.

If I'm accessing the module which is not matching the runTarget, I'm getting this error message:

00:01:19.009 [ERROR] Unable to find 'portal.gwt.xml' on your classpath; could be a typo, or maybe you forgot to include a classpath entry for source?  

Once the runTarget points to the right host page (i.e. restart with a different profile), it works fine.

Rather cumbersome for me as I'm working on both GWT modules at the same time - I now have to stop DevMode, select another Maven profile which adjusts the hostPage and then start again.

How can I make that work with GWT 2.7 (and not switch to SuperDevMode)?



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