Friday, February 20, 2015

Re: SDM not workin correct...

Hi Jens,

you wore right, this was the actual problem.

I run a Tomcat server inside Eclipse and dose the redeploy by autoscans, and i guess it also autoredeploy some of the real compiles cosing the problem.

What i have found a bit not logical. If the SDM is started on a clean app for a very first time it dose not produces .rpc mappings, 
so like that deployed on a external server, app will not work. Which comes to the moment that we have to do a real compile every time a "new" object is used in rpc. 
Ofcourse if we do this real compiles then we can easy end in this kind of situations. For now I delete everything but the .rpc file and leave rest to be recreated then it works.

Can you give me a bit more inside info on the SDM compile, what is else diff then the normal?


So it

On Friday, February 20, 2015 at 5:01:41 PM UTC+1, Jens wrote:
Are you sure you deploy the app.nocache.js file generated by SDM? If you have done a production compile in the mean time then you might have deployed a wrong one. Try to delete any existing ./war/<module name> folder and restart SDM to give it a clean start. Once it is started you can deploy.

setting -Dgwt.watchFileChanges=false, should force compile every time a reload is called, and then see if nothing change dont compile?

No it just changes the way file system changes are detected by SDM. It forces SDM to scan all files on disk. The default behavior can be unreliable on some OS.

-- J.

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