Sunday, February 22, 2015

Display images stored in database


There have been many threads on this topic but I am facing a different issue. We have to upload logo for each record entered. When records are fetched, we need to display the record with the logo too.

To upload the logo, I simply used a form with file upload and hidden fields of the record to associate the logo and record. On SubmitCompleteEvent, I fire an RPC to fetch the image saved in the database.

Till now, it works fine but the issue now comes when the user tries to upload an image twice or thrice for the same record. GWT does not show the latest image saved in database. On page refresh, it randomly shows either of the images user had uploaded for the record, even though the record can have only one image associated to it.

Could this be some browser caching issue? If it is, how can I get around it?


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